Key ALSFAC Partnerships

ALSFAC has partnered with other major ALS foundations on the majority of its programs, including ALS Association, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Target ALS, Project A.L.S., Packard Center.  Learn more about these fantastic organizations and our partnerships below.

  • Funding Partner $20M+

  • Joint Funding ALS ACT Program​

  • Joint Funding ALS PET Imaging Challenge​

  • Joint Funding ALS One MAP program ($6M, 1:1:1 with ALS Association & ALS One)​

Fishman Family, Packard Center

  • Funding Partners $18M

  • Joint Funding Answer ALS

  • Funding Partner $4.5M

  • Joint Funding for 5 Industry Consortia


MDAALS AssociationTarget ALSCReATe Consortium

  • Joint Funding Biomarker RFP ($1.2M)