Personal Stories. Expert Advice. Living Life with ALS.

ALS Finding a Cure is pleased to launch an eight part video series on living with ALS. In the videos you’ll hear from ALS patients, their families and caregivers about how to best plan for the journey ahead, including advice on how to prepare for the different stages of ALS and helpful resources to consider. Our goal is to provide valuable information to help patients and their loved ones be proactive in managing the disease.



Resources Managing ALS is overwhelming. The information, equipment and support networks are a lot to take in. Hear from patients and professionals about [...]



Nutrition Getting the right nutrition is important for ALS patients, but that becomes more difficult as the disease progresses. Hear from professionals who [...]



Mobility Small changes to your lifestyle can have a big impact on your ability to remain independent and active. Hear from professionals on [...]



Hygiene For many, hygiene is a private and personal subject. Learn how to openly discuss and address the importance of hygiene and safety. [...]