Executive Committee

Our Advisory Board members include neurologists, professors, doctors, health-care professionals and corporate officers, with a common interest in and devotion to finding a cure for ALS.  We are honored to have such dedicated industry pioneers and visionaries to help make our goal a reality.

“Patients come to us after having been to the wrong sites and thinking they only have 1-2 years to live. Our job is to help educate them that is simply not the case, and to provide encouragement that there is something that can be done.” – Dr. Stan Appel

Leandro P. Rizzuto
Leandro P. Rizzuto Chairman in Perpetuity
Denis Rizzuto
Denis RizzutoChair, Advisory Board
Peter N. Foss
Peter N. Foss President, Advisory Board
Merit Cudkowicz MD
Merit Cudkowicz MDChief Medical Officer
 Robert Brown D.Phil., MD
Robert Brown D.Phil., MDAdvisory Board Member
Stanley H. Appel MD
Stanley H. Appel MDAdvisory Board Member
Clive Svendsen PhD
Clive Svendsen PhDAdvisory Board Member
Richard Ellenbogen MD
Richard Ellenbogen MDAdvisory Board Member
Randy Fishman
Randy Fishman Advisory Board Member
Edward J. Rapp
Edward J. Rapp Advisory Board Member
Luca Marinelli PhD
Luca Marinelli PhDAdvisory Board Member
Tom Gentile
Tom GentileAdvisory Board Member