ALSFAC WE CARE is led by Denis Rizzuto, whose wife Christie had ALS. Christie, a wife, mother, and friend to many, inspired all who knew her with her warmth, internal and external beauty and deep devotion to caring for others. In the spirit of Christie’s devotion, this endeavor will focus on caring for people with ALS (pALS) and their family members. Additionally, all members of the executive committee of ALSFAC are committed to both supporting cure research and those living with ALS today. It is the mission of ALSFAC WE CARE to provide grants to organizations that ensure pALS and family members receive the care they most desperately need with financial, equipment and emotional support.

2022 Grants

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Bridging Voices

Communication & Collaboration: Expanding Support, Trainings & Open Source Innovations to Improve Communication for People with ALS

Team Gleason

Mobility for All

ALS Ride for Life

Mobility Matters

Matt’s Place Foundation

Hope & Housing

2021 Grants

Click below to learn about our inaugural award recipients:


A Nationwide Network of Compassionate and Financial Resources for Families Living with ALS.

Compassionate Care ALS

Sustainable Growth for ALS Care in the United States.

Massachusetts General Hospital

Expanding the ALS Parenting At a Challenging Time (ALS PACT) Program with web-based resources for parents and providers.

Penn Medicine

Respiratory Care for ALS: The North American ALSFAC We Care Online Cource for Clinicians