Bridging Voice

Bridging Voice is a non-profit that provides communication technology support to people with ALS at all stages. To date our team has supported over 1,500 pALS in 49 states and 12 countries. We strive to provide innovative solutions, continued communication, improved quality of life, and hope to the larger ALS community.

Funding from ALSFAC will enable Bridging Voice to expand programs that give people with ALS (pALS) the ability to continue to communicate with their family, friends and caregivers. Bridging Voice will provide the education, training and technical support to ensure pALS are always able to communicate both in-person and online. In addition, Bridging Voice will develop new innovations and customizations to improve communication for pALS and provide these innovations to other practitioners free of charge through open source development as well as an ongoing training series for practitioners. These programs will improve communication and support for people with ALS as well as creating an ecosystem that fosters collaboration and strengthens the ALS community across the country and around the world.