Luca Marinelli, PhD

Luca Marinelli, PhD is Senior Principal Scientist in the Biology and Applied Physics organization at GE Research. He has held individual contributor and managerial roles at GE Research for the past 16 years, leading projects spanning multiple modalities in medical imaging, primarily in MRI. His research interests span quantitative MRI, fast MR imaging and advanced algorithms for accelerated image acquisition and reconstruction, including the development of early compressed sensing applications to MRI, and diffusion imaging in the brain.

From 2014 to 2019, through a partnership between GE and the National Football League, Luca co-led a multi-site clinical research study on advanced neuroimaging in mild TBI and directed a multidisciplinary global team of scientists and engineers with the goal of identifying promising imaging biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of mild TBI.

From 2011 to mid-2014, Luca directed the MRI Laboratory at GE Research, which focuses on developing and delivering MRI technologies, and was responsible for all programs in the lab. Prior to joining GE, Dr. Marinelli conducted postdoctoral research in Information Theory at Bell Laboratories/Lucent Technologies.

Luca received his PhD in Physics from Harvard University in 2002, where he studied low temperature thermodynamic and transport properties of high-temperature superconductors in a strong magnetic field.

Luca Marinelli holds 25 patents and is a coauthor on over 100 journal publications, book chapters, and conference proceedings.