Team Gleason

For more than 12 years, Team Gleason has been committed to providing a variety of care services to those suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). These services include innovative technology and equipment at no cost that increases independence and quality of life for those with ALS, their caregivers and families. Recently, Team Gleason has experienced significant growth in the number of requests for these services, growing at a compound annual rate of 27% since 2019. Between 2022 and 2023 alone, requests for equipment such as shower chairs and portable power wheelchairs increased 137%. Overall, we received nearly 7,000 requests in 2023. Clearly the need for care services to help those with ALS better manage and navigate their journey is great and we know there are many more who could benefit from being connected with Team Gleason.

We are excited to have been awarded an ALSFAC We Care grant to work to identify and connect those with ALS who may be unaware of Team Gleason and our offerings and who come from underserved, uncounted markets. This proof-of-concept project will employ data analytics and predictive modeling to identify geographies where it is highly likely that those with ALS reside but where those with ALS have not been connected to Team Gleason and the broader ALS community. Increasing access and inclusion is the goal of this project. We are so grateful to ALSFAC We Care for providing the funding to make this project a reality.