Stanley H. Appel


Stanley H. Appel, MD Interview Stanley H. Appel, MD is the Peggy and Gary Edwards Distinguished Endowed Chair for ALS Research, Chair of the Stanley H. Appel Department of Neurology and Co-Director of the Houston Methodist Neurological Institute. He also serves as Director of the MDA/ALSA ALS Research Clinical Center at Houston Methodist Hospital, and is Professor of Neurology at Weill Cornell Medical College. In August 2020, he was named Director of the Johnson Center for Cellular Therapeutics at the Houston Methodist Research Institute. Research in Dr. Appel’s laboratory has focused on the role of inflammation in [...]

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Leandro P. Rizzuto


Leandro P. Rizzuto Lee Rizzuto grew up in Brooklyn, New York, son of Italian immigrants, both active members of the large and bustling New York City hair salon community. He attended Brooklyn Tech and graduated in 1956. In 1959, Lee and his parents invested $100 to launch Continental Hair Products. The company quickly grew into a trusted source of innovative and affordable products for professional stylists, including the iconic pistol grip hairdryer. Lee's passion for product drove his business, and following his success in the professional arena, he began marketing products to consumers. A relationship with Vidal [...]

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